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Parameter Beschreibung
port port number of the searx web application if you run it directly using python searx/ Doesn't apply to searx running on Apache or Nginx.
secret_key used for cryptography purpose.
debug allow a more detailed log if you run searx directly. Display detailed error messages in the browser too, so this must be deactivated in production.
request_timeout global timeout of the requests made to others engines in seconds. A bigger timeout will allow to wait for answers from slow engines, but in consequence will slow searx reactivity
(the result page may take the time specified in the timeout to load)
base_url the base URL where searx is deployed. Used to create correct inbound links.
themes_path path to where the themes are located. If you didn't develop anything, leave it blank.
default_theme name of the theme you want to use by default on you searx instance.
useragent_suffix suffix to the user-agent searx uses to send requests to others engines. If an engine wish to block you, a contact info here may be useful to avoid that.
image_proxy allow your instance of searx of being able to proxy images. Uses memory space.
default_locale interface language. If blank, the locale is detected by using the browser language. If it doesn't work, or you are deploying a language specific instance of searx,
a locale can be defined using an ISO language code, like fr, en, de.
outgoing_proxies define a proxy you wish to use.
source_ips if you use multiple nework interfaces, define from which IP the requests must be made.
locales locales codes and their names. Available translations of searx interface.
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