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Here you may customize to your needs.

A simple yet elegant theme. A simple yet elegant dark theme. A simple and minimalistic theme. A simple and minimalistic dark theme.
Color mode:
Set whether a random or a custom theme color should be used.
Theme hue: COMING SOON
Color change
Automatically picks an accent and background color depending on which stream is currently running.
Displays an audio visualization based on random values during a running audio stream.
Relax mode
When the specified time has passed, hides the entire content and temporarily enables ‘color change’ & ‘pseudo-visualization’. Only triggered when streaming audio.
Trigger ‘relax mode’ after (sec):
Set the period of time until ‘relax mode’ is triggered.
Load icons
Defines whether official station icons should be loaded. If disabled, simple CSS-based placeholders are shown instead.
Transitional effects
Enables simple and elegant transitional effects. You should disable this option if your device does not have enough resources.
Default volume (%):
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